Complete Reinforcing commercial reinforced concrete subcontract

Commercial Reinforcing

New Zealand commercial projects require steel rebar or wire reinforcing mesh for multi-unit dwellings, strip retail or warehouses with front office developments. Reinforcing steel for commercial construction and reinforced concrete is relatively simple and we have a track record of efficiency and safety in servicing these projects as steel supplier only, through to full reinforcing prefabrication and installation.


Larger commercial development subcontracts that require reinforcing such as high-rise apartment blocks, shopping complexes schools and hospitals represent much more of a challenge for all involved. Specialist subcontractors that improve productivity on site can add real value to a developer or a contracted construction company.


As a reinforcing sub-contractor, we have a reputation of delivering significant productivity gains to clients where we get involved early in the process. Our ability to develop innovative approaches to reinforcing through prefabrication and scheduling help to improve your productivity while minimising health and safety risk on-site.


Take a look at our recent work on the Latimer Hotel in Christchurch or find out more about how our reinforcing steel complies with the New Zealand Building Code.

Complete Reinforcing