About the Company

Complete Reinforcing has already attracted many of the best and brightest in the industry. Our steelfixers and detailers have developed skills and capabilities in prefabricating steel off-site, reducing the overall time and complexity involved in projects while meeting all relevant code, health and safety and contract requirements.


Our great team at Complete Reinforcing and our focus on keeping things simple and effective has been a driving force behind our rapid growth.


Complete Reinforcing offers unique and exciting career opportunities across our various business functions and, as a part of Euro Corporation, can offer opportunities in the wider company.


Take a look to see if Complete Reinforcing has any vacancies that suit your skills!

Complete Reinforcing

Detailing, Estimating and Placing – These functions are unique to Complete Reinforcing operations in Auckland, Christchurch and Cromwell with an additional Placing team in Nelson. Detailer, Estimator, Team Leader, Leading Hand and Steelfixer roles are critical to the day to day execution of our cut and bend prefabricated steel business.


Customer Service – Our Customer Service Representatives and Supervisor make up our extraordinary team. Based in Auckland, these superstars help make the company what it is.


Warehouse and Manufacturing – With operations in Auckland and Christchurch our Team Leaders, and Warehouse and Production Staff lead the charge in giving our customers the high quality steel product they need. Between manufacturing, picking and shipping the correct products around the country, these teams are always busy thinking of how to make things safer and more efficient!


Operations and Supply Chain – Production and Purchasing Planners and Inventory Control is based in Auckland with a focus on ensuring correct quantities of raw materials turn into the right amount of finished goods to meet our customers’ high expectations.

•  Finance – Our hardworking Accounts team are based in Auckland and take on the responsibility of ensuring all things financial are in order. With an eye on new systems to improve business functionality this team contributes largely to the evolution of our business.


•  Sales – Between our Business Development, Territory and Key Account Managers, the Sales function of the business is driven to build great customer value and relationships by using their problem solving abilities and taking opportunities when they appear. Covering three different markets, our Sales Team specialise in either Rural, Residential or Non-Residential Construction.


•  Marketing – Our Auckland marketing team is small, but powerful! Implementing strategy and organising the traditional and digital marketing for our numerous customers and events across three markets is no small feat and relies on a mixture of organisation, discipline and forward thinking.