How the Process Works



Once you've decided that you want Complete Reinforcing to help with the reinforcing for your project we require a copy of the plans so we can get figure out what you'll need for the job.


To the left, you can see that we number each section requiring reinforcing. We then begin detailing exactly what is required for each numbered section: what diameter and length steel bar is needed and in what quantity, how many sheets of mesh and so forth.

Complete Reinforcing
Complete Reinforcing detailing plans for rebar



Once we have counted everything that you require we make a job sheet so we can manufacture it. 


As you can see to the right, the job sheet is numbered. These numbers match the numbered sections from the image above. It states all the information for each piece: diameter, quantity and length.

Reinforcing job sheet for manufactureCut and bend reinforcing bar machine AucklandReinforcing job sheet and labels for rebar

Labelling, Site Delivery and Installation


Once all the reinforcing steel has been cut and bent it is labelled with numbered tags that match the original numbered plan and job sheet that our detailers prepared above. We give you a copy of the documentation so you all the information you need in order to quickly tell where each piece of reinforcing is supposed to go if you decide to install it yourself.


Finally, we check that we have put your order together correctly, it gets loaded on a truck and delivered to site where we can install it for you if required. Contact us for a quote on your next job!



Cut and bent steel installed on site