We can fabricate and supply steel reinforcing beams, pile cages, steel wire mesh and other steel bar reinforcing assemblies for any customer reinforcing concrete. All our reinforcing steel easily meets New Zealand Standards.


Our reinforcing services include cut and bend steel fabrication and installation for residential concrete slab laying such as mesh and beams made up of rebar and stirrups, to complex reinforcing items for commercial and infrastructure concrete reinforcement such as steel pile cages. We pride ourselves on our skill and experience in prefabricating small reinforcing sub-assemblies together into larger reinforcing assemblies. You can watch our reinforcing cutting and bending machine in operation below.


Find out more about what the process your reinforcing goes through when you place an order or go straight to getting a free, no obligation quote for your next concrete reinforcement job. 

Supply, Fabricate and Install

Complete Reinforcing
Complete Reinforcing groundwork before cut and bend steel is installed
Machines in action low res